Exhibition on Peruvian Folk Arts and Health

I was excited recently to learn that my good friend and colleague Norma Ledesma (UCF-Modern Languages and PeruDigital language and cultural consultant) will be able to collaborate on a project with another UCF faculty member from COPHA related to the PeruDigital Website (http://www.perudigital.org). The grant was received by Latin American Studies director Consuelo Stebbins, and Norma Ledesma and I are leading projects within this grant, titled “America:  Believing in Cultural Diversity.”  The project will involve a collaboratively-designed online exhibition of Peruvian ceramics from Cusco that will bring together folk artists and medical practitioners in an online dialogue about the connections between arts and health.  Here’s a link to more information on the grant and UCF Latin American Studies:  (http://las.cah.ucf.edu/2016/10/03/las-grant-award/.


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