Advanced Challenges in 3D Modeling of Cultural Heritage Sites

What I did on my summer vacation post #2:  I was grateful to have the opportunity to participate in a NEH Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities symposium at UCLA on Advanced Challenges in 3D Modeling of Cultural Heritage Sites, where I presented a paper entitled “Virtual Cultural Rehearsal:  Addressing Digital Humanities Concerns in the Design of Mixed-Reality Cultural Immersion Projects.”  The paper considered three main issues in developing mixed-reality cultural immersion projects:  affordances and constraints of mixed-reality, “authentic” non-verbal communication, and rehearsing cultural interaction and learning.  The symposium took place over the course of four days at UCLA, and was led by Alyson Gill and Lisa Snyder.



Digital Data Management for a New Generation

What I did on my summer vacation post #1:  It’s a new school year and I’m back to posting updates on the site.  Over the summer I was honored to be invited to participate in a workshop on Digital Data Management for a New Generation.  Sponsored by the American Anthropological Association and supported by a National Science Foundation grant, the workshop brought together a group of scholars and practitioners to discuss strategies for bringing data management methods into research methods courses.  Look for the updated information soon on the American Anthropological Association Website.


Digital Stories about Peru’s North Coast

The following digital stories about cultural heritage and tourism on Peru’s North Coast are based on my sabbatical research made possible by the University of Central Florida. Thanks to all the archaeological site directors, community development professionals, artists, culture and tourism representatives who shared their time and wisdom and insights with me.

Culture and Tourism on Peru’s North Coast